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Others say that we are the best catering house in Croatia. We think that we can thank this status to the passion that has been driving us for 17 years now.


The passion for food and the top atmosphere makes us move the limits and set new standards on the catering scene. Our culinary team of 50 chefs daily innovates in order to present you truly delicious dishes and the most delicious flavors. When you try one of their creations you can only be thrilled. We are the only catering company in Croatia that can provide catering for 5,000 people indoor or outdoor. We are the only company that combines the ISO certification for the Food Safety Management System 22000: 2005, HACCP standard for kitchen equipment and HALAL quality certificate. We are the only company with 36 refrigerated vehicles that can bring our delicacies at any time to your tables in any corner of Croatia. We are the only company that has such a wide and varied selection of venues for your festivities and events.


Although we are the only one in many things, when you engage Catering Kvatrić you become No.1. Your desires, needs and expectations are what inspire each of our 350 employees. That is why we often say there are no big or small jobs for us. There are only thousands and thousands of smiles of satisfied clients who are happy to come back to us and who gladly recommend us over the years. Our job is to enhance the most important moments in your private and business life. Being a trusted partner, even a friend, at these moments and every once in a while thrill with the level of service and quality of food –this is how to become the best and the greatest.



In accordance with top-quality culinary standards, we periodically change our menu to adapt to the season and the latest gastronomic trends.

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