Gala dinner party

You may have noticed that the best party is where you are not the main organizer. The reason is that at such events you do not have to worry about anything, you can relax and enjoy the party. The news is that you can also be the host of the event and the most relaxed person at the party. You only need to contact us, because Catering Kvatrić is the right address for the organization of the most luxurious parties on a turnkey system. In one place you can get everything, from choosing an exclusive location to scenography, technical equipment, performers, VIP menus … with no organization, coordination, and thinking about the details. We will do all this for you so that you can enjoy with your guests.

Krajnji primatelj financijskog instrumenta sufinanciranog iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj u sklopu Operativnog programa "Konkurentnost i kohezija"
Izjava o financiranju: EUROADRIA d.o.o. – krajnji korisnik poziva „Bespovratne potpore za digitalizaciju“ financiranog iz Nacionalnog plana oporavka i otpornosti 2021. – 2026.”