Zelena avenija

The vegetarian and vegan oasis, located at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

In addition to vegetarians and vegans, raw food eaters, LCHFs and people who eat according to macrobiotic principles will also find their place in Zelenaavenija, but also those who want to try something new and interesting. The venue is integrated into the space of the popular MSU, so installations from the museum setup can often be seen and touched in the bistro. Special attention is paid to the freshness and quality of ingredients, and when creating the offer, the guiding thought was “natural and whole”, striving to offer the most integral ingredients in the menu. Along with the appetizers, à la carte offer and sweets and drinks, the most popular daily food is VegeTris which uses organic soybean products of tempeh and tofu type.

Capacity: –
Venue suitable for: restaurant, bar
Parking: Yes
Phone: 091 1557 888
E-mail: zculkic@gmail.com
Address: Avenija Dubrovnik 17. Zagreb

Avenija Dubrovnik 17. Zagreb