Vivas bar

Almost every block in Zagreb has its favorite place for a morning coffee and socializing with friends. Almost always this place is a Vivas bar.

If you have ever been to a Vivas bar, then you know that in a short time they have become the center of the social life. A place where you feel comfortable, like you are in your own living room. The level of service and the offer of drinks and desserts in a short space of time made Vivas a brand and a place where guests are always happy to return.

We invite you to visit us at some of our venues.
VivasBarRavnice – Jakićeva 18, Zagreb
VivasBarMalešnica – Ulica Ante TopićaMimare 18, Zagreb
VivasBarRemiza – Ljubljanica 25, Zagreb
VivasBarPrečko – Slavenskoga 1, Zagreb
VivasBarKruge – Kruge 5, Zagreb
VivasBarJarun – Pakoštanska 5, Zagreb
Vivas Bar Vrbani – Kutnjački put 9, Zagreb
VivasBarSavica – UlicaVladimiraRuždjaka 2, Zagreb
VivasBarTravno – UlicaBožidaraMagovca 56, Zagreb
Vivas Bar Selska – Selskacesta 90 B1, Zagreb
Vivas Bar Split – Narodnitrg 10, Split
Vivas Bar Rudeš – Jablanskaulica 30, Zagreb
Vivas Bar Sv. Klara – Utinjskaulica 3, Zagreb
Vivas Bar Špansko – UlicaAntunaŠoljana 37, Zagreb