Matis Absolut Lounge
As one of the few truly multifunctional venues in Zagreb, the Matis Absolut Lounge is special because of its ability to transform for any occasion. Celebrations of family events, conferences, presentations, parties or simply to enjoy yourself with coffee and discreet noise of the fountain - all this you can have in Matis Absolut Lounge. [...]
Zlatna dvorana
A prestigious glamorous hall in the western part of the city can be transformed for any occasion, and is directly connected to the garage by an elevator If you never compromise on prestige and elegance, we suggest that you take a peek at Zlatnadvorana. It will delight you with its exclusive look and feel. Located [...]
Looking for something new, modern and different? Your search is over. Welcome to C6! This restaurant with caféalso offers a separate congress hall with 120 seats and a cozy VIP lounge for socializing. C6 is located far away from the city crowd, but despite that we can say that it is in the heart of [...]
La dolce vita
On the ground floor of the City Plaza Center (former Hypo Center) is the jewel of our offer. La dolce vita is a place that will delight you with its versatility, because besides the deliciously designed à la carte restaurant it features a superior café. In the café, you can have Vivascaffe coffee served by [...]
Kvatrić restaurant
Superior homemade cuisine, štrukle, charcoal grill, veal shank, homemade bread, Zagorjesoup, dishes under the bell... These are just some of the dishes that we have been serving for many years in the rustic ambience of Kvatrić Restaurant. Respecting the tradition, we also take care of innovativeness, so you can taste some traditional dishes in a [...]
CK showroom & garden
For intimate gatherings, presentations, workshops, trainings and parties, we suggest you a pleasant CK Showroom that can accommodate up to 40 guests in a sitting variant or 80 in a party variant. The showroom stretches to 80 m2, but as soon as the days get warmer, we open the access to the garden where guests [...]
History Village
The cult venue of all generations of the city of Zagreb is actually a small city separated from the "world of external influences". What does it offer us? First of all, unforgettable entertainment and moments that you will remember as long as you live. Whether you are looking for the best party in town, you [...]
Vivas bar
Almost every block in Zagreb has its favorite place for a morning coffee and socializing with friends. Almost always this place is a Vivas bar. If you have ever been to a Vivas bar, then you know that in a short time they have become the center of the social life. A place where you [...]
The café was truly created for a pleasant companionship with a cup of delicious coffee and a dessert. It cannot be avoided before and after various events in the Lisinski Hall. Pleasant ambience, delicious cakes and fresh pressed juice - sometimes one does not need more than that to enjoy. Capacity: – Venue suitable for: [...]
A pleasant ambience and exclusive decoration are the main features of the cafélounge bar Euphoria. Even if you are not prone to euphoria, you will surely feel it when Vivas Extravaganza slides down your palate, the finest blend of Arabica coffee served in this coffee lounge bar in the heart of Zagreb's Center. In addition [...]
Cafébar Pure is located on the ground floor of a beautiful building in the western part of Zagreb, Nova galerija. With a comprehensive selection of local and foreign drinks, top champagne and wines, Pure will hook you up to a not so small LCD screen with over 200tv programs, ideal for watching important sports events. [...]
Zelena avenija
The vegetarian and vegan oasis, located at the Museum of Contemporary Art. In addition to vegetarians and vegans, raw food eaters, LCHFs and people who eat according to macrobiotic principles will also find their place in Zelenaavenija, but also those who want to try something new and interesting. The venue is integrated into the space [...]
Mali dvorac
In the green oasis of Zagorje, there is a newly built exclusive area with a swimming pool ideal for weddings and other festivities. A large yard, a terrace for guests, a swimming pool and a beautiful panoramic view are just some of the trump cards of Mali dvorac. In the space of almost 400 m2 [...]
Eko kuća Trpuci

Just 20 minutes’ drive from Arena Zagreb, in the heart of the Vukomeričke gorice, surrounded by forests and meadows, lies the wooden indigenous Turopolje Eco House Trpuci. It is ideal for romantic indoor celebrations and for glamorous outdoor events.

Mala kuća Mia – Relax House
Only 6 km from the A1 motorway there is a paradise for active vacationers in clean mountain air. Mala kuća Mia offers you complete relaxation in the ambience of a luxuriously furbished holiday home. The house is located on the Kupariver, with a swimming pool and various additional activities. It is modernly furnished, low-energy, with [...]